Until one has loved an animal, a part of one´s soul remains unawakened.  by Anatole France


Pets enrich our lives and in order to make their animal life as enriched as they make ours, they need above all affection, trust, time and fun & play.

We focus on:    Trust: Our vision for the future is to offer Dog Training and Animal Communication to enhance the human-animal relationship.

                           Fun & Play: Tierkontakte creates accessories with special features. Our promise: - locally-made in Cape Town - unique handmade - we take advise                                                        from pet owners to create innovative accessories.

Live like someone left the gate open

Hi, I am Sarah, 31 years old and by profession Speech Therapist and Health and Social Manager. I grew up with many animals like cats, rabbits and countless reptiles. My dad is a big reptiles and amphibians fan and has approximately 150 at home. (Did you know? - chameleons have the second fastest tongue in the world.) I still remember feeding our old chameleon Horst, when he could only eat  crickets in slow motion speed. 

Two years ago I moved from Berlin to Cape Town, to be closer to my partner. I followed my heart, leaving our long-distance relationhip behind. Cape Town is unique and well-known for it´s fascinating landscapes. But when you live here it is quite challenging because of the tremendous lack of equality. But as they say: "With challenges one grows".

Rocket came into our life in June 2019 and I have learned so much since this four legged friend sleeps on our couch and goes for cheese hunts in the house. Some nights he snores louder, barks and winks in his sleep. He most probably dreams of his friends at daycare, peanut butter and fun in the mud. Ever since Rocket has been part of us, my interest for dogs grew more and more! Right now I am busy qualifying in Animal Communication and Dog Training.

With Tierkontakte I want to accompany people with their animals on their personal way of life. Sensitive, patient and humorous.  Together we will improve and deepen your relationship. I share my thoughts and dog knowledge in my  Paws. Blog and I want to create lovely and useful pet products. Locally-made in Cape Town.

Good to have you here!    Sarah and Rocket  

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