Pet toys and our Sale at Milnerton Flea Market   by Sarah Dehne

Jimmy James creates wonderful handmade pet toys.

His contact (whatsapp only): 073-6980851

Available at Milnerton Flea Market (every Saturday & Sunday, Public Holidays). Toys from R10 (different sizes and colours)

Tierkontakte helps to make these toys now and shares a stand (B24) with Jimmy every Sunday! Our German Shepherd Rocket got this toy 8 months ago and it´s pure fun for him (normally toys break very easily but this one is strong!) Visit us on Milnerton Flea Market or contact Jimmy directly.




The Winner of Sleepy Dogs - Photography Challenge   by Sarah Dehne

Lala is the winner of our photo challenge! She will get a "Be safe-Bandana" (launch is in March 2020) and she will be our first dog model. woof 

New challenges will follow to keep it exciting for you. Please follow us on Facebook :-) 





Ashleigh wants to focus on her studies and therefore we have a new local supplier since 28/02/2020                 Thank you Ashleigh for all your effort and work and all the best for your future endeavors! 

Tierkontakte has a partner and manufacturer !  by Ashleigh Ellis & Sarah Dehne

I am Ashleigh, I am 20 years old and I have had a passion for working with my hands for as long as I can remember. I grew up in a very creative home and I was always encouraged to look at my mistakes as an integral part of the creative process.

I have always been drawn to working with various types of materials and in 2019 I studied a course in pattern making and garment construction, which has helped me tremendously in growing my skills. I have always grown up with pets being valued members of the family and I am excited to work my two passions into one exciting project. 

My favourite quote:  All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.  by Walt Disney



Herbs in a bowl  by Sarah Dehne

Edible health is a thing, especially when it comes to Herbs. And this natural healer can also be used for fur-noses.

But what is it that makes herbs so healthy?                                                                                                                              - Herbs contains vitamins and minerals that are vital to our dog's health                                                                                  -- Herbs helps strengthen their immune system

Herbs have always been useful in prevention of any minor ailments. Since the olden days Herbs have been essential to man and it's best friend, although times have changed, Herbs haven't !

Finely chop and crush fresh Herbs in a bowl, adding Olive oil will not only complement the taste but also keep your dog's skin and fur healthy. We give our German shepherd one tablespoon every day.

When your dog has a cold: Basil, Sage, Chamomile (good for inhalation), Thyme and fennel (heats the body and assists the metabolism)

For stress and exposure my favorite Herbs are: Rosemary and Lemon balm (these herbs you can put in the feeding bowl or rub your hands with them to massage your dog) Oxycontin, a cuddly hormone gives our dog a sense of comfort and security.

Gastrointestinal disorders: Parsley, Fennel, Oregano (Cancer prevention), Chamomile and Turmeric (decanting) Most of the odors of the mouth rise from the stomach. If the stomach problems are cured, the breath is fresh again.

Let's use this natural healer  07/01/2020



Sleepy Dogs - Photography Challenge   ∇ᵒᴥᵒ∇    ++Update++ 


This photo challenge is extended until 20/02/2020 because we have the first interested people who follow us and bought our first product. So it makes sense now to to collect and share wonderful dog pictures. You have the chance to win a Bandana. This will be our second product and we have already started the production!

There will be 2 sizes and different styles, but the special feature is a safety function. Thanks to reflective fabric, you can see your dog in the dark.

Dear Capetonians,

Take part in our photography challenge and send us a picture of your sleepy dog! The challenge runs until 25/12/2019. Some of the pics will be shared on and Paws. Blog  (right of use). If you do not wish so, please write this in your email.

You have the chance to win the first product of Tierkontakte. Let´s make it a surprise! Looking forward to adorable photos and awkward sleeping positions.    # challenge accepted   11/11/2019 & 14/01/2020                 



That´s how easy it is - dog ice cream  by Sarah Dehne

Summer time is ice cream time! This delicious refreshment can also be licked by our four legged friends.

However, our ice cream is not suitable for dogs, because it contains milk, cream, harmful additives and too much sugar. This can cause gastrointestinal discomfort. It is best to make the dog ice cream yourself - as a healthy alternative to "our" ice cream.

Only the following is needed: some fresh ingredients, mixer and mold e.g. ice cube shaped or small yogurt cups. And here we go..      

5 easy and pawsome ideas                                                                                                                                                

how: (mix and) simply fold into the mold

  beef stock variant       

❷  peanut butter variant  

❸  cheese - coriander          ingredients: 200g gouda, 2 handfuls coriander, 100ml water, 3 tbsp. natural yogurt

❹  pumpkin - apple              ingredients: half apple, 2 tbsp. natural yogurt, pinch of cinnamon, 3-4 boiled pumpkin pieces

❺  melon - yogurt                 ingredients: 4 tbsp. natural yogurt, 1 tsp. honey, melon piece


 a peanut butter note: without xylit / xylitol  The sweetener is contained in many sugar-free products such as chewing gum, ice cream and bakery products. Xylitol is toxic to dogs. Therefore, consult the veterinarian immediately if your dog eat it!  - What does xylitol do? -  It causes rapid release of insulin. The blood sugar level drops significantly and after a few minutes or hours this can be life-threatening for dogs.

You can opt for the healthier alternative and tickle your doggy´s taste buds at the same time by using dog peanut butter. It is rich in proteins, vitamins B and E and healthy fats.

Let your dog lick the ice cream, because large pieces can lead to stomach pain. Licking calms dogs, it has been scientifically proven. You can also pour the ice cream mass into a toy like a Kong.  Enjoy.  29/10/2019


Sun protection  by Sarah Dehne

Just as humans need to protect our skin from harsh elements in the summer months, so too should you protect your beloved pet. Because every sun burn rises the risk of skin cancer. With a lighter skin type we also reach to a higher protection factor.    

▸ So what does this mean for dogs?

If your dog likes to sunbathe and if he has light skin, little fur or the belly is almost free of fur, then it´s best to apply sunblock to your dog´s underbelly. Regularly applying cream is important because the full effectiveness is achieved only after 30 minutes. Protect your dog, because also dogs can get skin cancer.

The sunblock needs to be unperfumed and free of additives.

Pay also attention to sufficient water. Your dog should have always access to fresh water. A shady place and a bathing or digging area creates cooling and prevents overheating.

Summer can come!  ツ  22/10/2019       



Welcome  by Sarah Dehne

Tierkontakte and Paws. Blog start their journey.

Behind this idea are two friends. Sarah is idea-giver and Rocket is the furry product-tester, who gave the inspiration to follow a new path in life. Filled with Animal Communication, Dog Training and lots of adventures. 

The Paws. Blog launched first, because Sarah is busy qualifying in AC and Dog Training.  20/10/2019